Synaptic Alchemy Hardcover


A new management mindset of innovation allowing you to supercharge your success journey.
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The Art & Science of Turning Ideas Into Gold
Hardcover book. Delivered in approx. 4 weeks depending on printing and delivery schedules

Everything you think you know about business … is about to change.

Have you ever wondered: “Is there a Roadmap to Success?”

That's the question I started with. Since I know there isn't a formula for success, is there a well worn path that I can take to go from where I'm at to 10x, 100x, 1,000x more than I expected?

Synaptic Alchemy is all about discovering that roadmap to success.

There are patterns of success.
There are ways that people who have been successful think.
There is a mindset of success.
That is what Synaptic Alchemy explores. A mindset that is both new and ancient at the same time. It is a mindset that can be used by executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, managers, and product developers alike.

After starting and selling a successful software company, learning everything possible from being in the trenches then synthesizing all the lessons learned, the author started to identify patterns for success. The patterns that has been in place for millennia and were the basis of the oldest inventors around: the Alchemists.Taking the ancient foundations of chemistry, which started with Alchemy, and combining them with modern day innovation theory, Cardinale creates a framework that organizations, executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders can use to walk a well understood path towards success. A path that has been used to turn ideas into gold.

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