Fundamentals Course – 3 Payments ($70/month)


A 5-week course that will immerse you in the fundamentals of Synaptic Alchemy. Once you are done with the course you will have a new mindset to take your next steps. Whether that is:

* Start a business as an entrepreneur
* Grow your existing business
* Create a killer app or product
* Supercharge your career


Learn the fundamentals of Synaptic Alchemy over this 5 week paced course. You'll have the chance to learn the fundamentals of the Alchemical Transformation, which includes:

Week 1: The Alchemical Transformation
We'll explore in detail, what an Alchemical Transformation is all about and why it matters. How learning the alchemical mindset will completely change how you view your business & opportunities, both personally and for your company.

We'll explore how the Alchemical Transformation will change how you view everything—yes everything; from HR, to Sales, to Operations, to R&D, to Team Building—in your organization.

Week 2: 3-Step Process
There are three specific steps involved in an effective Alchemical Transformation, and they have a specific sequence. The ancient alchemists had a specific formula when they were attempting to turn lead into gold. And today's modern Synaptic Alchemists have a specific sequence to follow when we're turning ideas into gold.

We'll explore how the sequence of steps in the Alchemical Transformation build one upon another giving you a unique vantage point to understand where your next success will come from.

Week 3: Nigredo – Destroy Something
The first step in your Alchemical Transformation. Destroy something. That sounds more ominous than it really is. But all progress comes with destroying an Old Rule, an old way of thinking.

We'll explore the questions you'll need to ask to figure out where to look for the Old Rule that is ripe for being shredded. This is a unique process in Synaptic Alchemy. This is where you will learn how to separate yourself from the competition and create a unique perspective on success.

Week 4: Albedo – Create Something
The second step in your Alchemical Transformation. Create something. Once there is a vacuum from the destroy something activity, from the deciding there is an old way of doing things that no longer works, then a New Rule has to be created to replace it.

We'll explore the three phases of growing a new idea that can be used to create highly actionable ideas that over perform traditional brainstorming activities.

Week 5: Rubedo – Scale Something
The last step in your Alchemical Transformation. This is where we kickstart the circulatory system for your newest idea. This is the step where implementation comes into play and ideas have life breathed into them

We'll explore the hot buttons that can really bring an idea to life. Creating an action plan to execute on your new idea from previous steps, this is where 1,000x performance is born.


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