You've Completed The Alchemical Transformation Fundamentals

The Alchemical Transformation


You've made it. You've learned the Alchemical Transformation (AT) fundamentals. The concepts in Synaptic Alchemy are simple and easy to understand and it probably took no more than 10 mins over morning coffee to appreciate the AT framework and develop a new mindset giving yourself an edge when it comes to Turning Ideas Into Gold.

You had a chance to explore the three steps in a Synaptic Alchemy transformation:


1.) Nigredo – Destroy Something (click here to read up on Nigredo again)
2.) Albedo – Create Something (click here to read up on Albedo again)
3.) Rubedo – Standardize Something (click here to read up on Rubedo again)



1.) Nigredo – Destroy Something
Take an old way of doing things and get rid of it. Find the Old Rule that everyone is currently doing and blow it up. Sometimes old rules are hard to see, so you start by asking the right questions to get clarity on what Old Rule could go away.

2.) Albedo – Create Something
Use creative techniques to come up with New Rules that can replace the empty spot left open by getting rid of Old Rules. There are many different ways to come up with New Rules. Creativity under constraints provides a powerful framework for new ideas that have strength.

3.) Rubedo – Standardize Something
An Old Rule has been replaced with a New Rule. Now it is time to ensure that it can be made so simple that anyone can use the New Rule, and so easy to find that everyone can find it. That's the Anyone/Everyone framework of Rubedo.

Using these three steps and looking at the world through the mindset of the Alchemical Transformation is a major step in becoming a Synaptic Alchemist. 

Maybe It's Just Me
I didn't realize I was using Synaptic Alchemy (SA) principles when I was using them. That's pretty usual. The SA frameworks make themselves visible every day when I am running my business. Even though I was making alchemical decisions, I didn't call them that at the beginning.

Sometimes a good decision would end up with a good outcome and I'd be pretty impressed with myself. A customer would think a new alchemical idea was great and woohoo that was a good day. Then there would be other days. Days when nothing seemed to go right. Customers would ignore what I thought were good ideas, and I'd be emotionally down.

But once I discovered the SA frameworks, I had a measuring stick to guide my decisions. I was able to apply the AT framework to decisions. That didn't mean that all of the ideas, decisions, plans worked all the time. But what it did mean was that I had a roadmap to guide my thinking.

That's the thing:

Following a framework outperforms every time

The AT framework is a mindset. A mindset that gives you signposts on your journey.

Your Exercise
Now that you have the basics of the Alchemical Transformation all you have to do is apply them in real time.

When you have a decision to make, whether that decision is in product development, sales, HR, or engineering, take a quick moment and write down an alchemical experiment:

1.) What Old Idea could we do without?
2.) What New Idea could replace it?
3.) How can we make it simple enough for anyone to understand?

Just asking those questions, and putting the answers down on paper will give you a head start. That mindset and those simple questions are core to the thinking you can use to Turn Ideas Into Gold.

Not Your Father's Alchemy
There are a plethora of business frameworks out there. Each of them offering unique benefits and a slightly different way to view problems. Synaptic Alchemy (SA), however, is different. SA is designed to give you a powerful UNIFIED framework not just to view problems, but to change how you approach everything. This is the SA mindset.

It is a different mindset from the traditional ways of looking at innovation and ideation. By transforming the foundation of the old masters, the alchemists, you'll find a new way of thinking intentionally towards success.

What's Next
You've gotten a glimpse of the fundamentals. Now it's time to take a deeper dive. To understand the mechanics behind each step. Maybe it's the right time to really explore becoming a Synaptic Alchemist and maybe the timing is off. Only you can know.

However, I invite you to explore the next steps and see what's under the covers of SA. Envision HOW TO BECOME A SYNAPTIC ALCHEMIST for yourself. Sign up for the next Synaptic Alchemy course.

Exploring the next step is FREE and could be the next step in your evolution towards success and in your path towards Turning Ideas Into Gold.

Explore the Synaptic Alchemy Course

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I hope to see you on your alchemical journey

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