The 2nd Step in Your Transformation

Albedo - The New Rule

The Alchemical Transformation (AT) framework is 3 Simple Steps that are so easy to understand you'll get the basics in 10 mins, maybe over coffee in the morning. The AT framework IS the set of ideas that will give you an edge in Turning Ideas Into Gold.

1.) Nigredo – Destroy Something
2.) Albedo – Create Something  <- You Are Here
3.) Rubedo – Standardize Something

Albedo is where all the fun and brainstorming live in the AT framework. For me, I love to explore new ideas and new concepts. This is the part where I'm the most excited. But it is also the part that needs the most structure or you can quickly just idea yourself to death. Albedo is all about exploration within a context and with certain tools. That is where the power of this step comes from. Creative exploration with a purpose.

2.) Albedo – Create Something
Once you have defined an Old Rule that is worth changing now you have the space to create a New Rule that is the next great way of thinking or doing things.

This is usually when everyone gets around a table and starts the ritual of brainstorming. We do it all the time. In business & in our personal lives. I do this consistently when it comes to: “what does everyone think we should get for dinner” or “let's all pick something to watch on Netflix.” And you know what happens? Nothing. This is pretty typically around the dinner table as well as around the conference table.

That is because traditional brainstorming DOES NOT WORK. In fact Adrian Furnham, an organizational psychologist, is quoted as saying “Evidence from science suggests that business people must be insane to use brainstorming groups.”

That is where Albedo comes in. This 2nd step of Synaptic Alchemy isn't about just brainstorming something new. It is all about filling the void of the Old Rule identified in the 1st step of Synaptic Alchemy (Nigredo) with a New Rule that has grown up following the Albedo framework of: Pollinate, Germinate, Socialize (those frameworks are explored in-depth in the Synaptic Alchemy Foundations and Masterclasses).

Let's take the Nigredo Old Rule that Amazon focused on: Books must be sold in book stores. That's the old rule. The rule that's going away. Now what could it be replaced with? Remember, when this old rule was being dissolved, the internet was still in its infancy. The internet certainly wasn't as ubiquitous as it is today.

Amazon's Albedo New Rule?

Any book you ever wanted can be purchased on the internet
and shipped to your door.

In step 1, Nigredo, it is hard to see what the old rule could be. Here in step 2, Albedo, there is the opposite problem. Here you'll see so many new ideas, opportunities and new rules that you'll need a filter to see which new rules are actually worth exploring.

Maybe It's Just Me
This is where having simple Albedo structure is vital for me. I always need guard rails to filter my overflowing ideas. So, having a structure, even a simple one, such as: “the new rule must replace the old rule, it can't just be any new idea” really helps keep me on track.

That helps me. But oh man do I bristle at the constraint. “What do you mean I can't just come up with any old new idea in a brainstorming session?” My inner voice yells; loudly. But my inner executive knows, that simple and constrained is good. It let's ideas through that have a chance of growing up.

The New Rule MUST fill the gap of the leaving Old Rule
Your Exercise
Albedo has three parts to it:

* Pollinate
* Germinate
* Socialize

These are the frameworks that you'll be exploring as you dive deeper into Synaptic Alchemy. We explore these three parts in detail in the Fundamentals and Masterclass courses.

For now, start to build your Albedo skills by taking your Nigredo catalog, the listing of annoyances, and start to ask yourself the following question:

“If this thing didn't exist, what COULD replace it?”

Let's think about Amazon back when Amazon was just selling books. The old rule was: “Books are sold at retail bookstores.” So the new rule HAD to do something with how books are sold. Not how they are published. Not how they are written. The constraint was: “how books are sold.”

Not Your Father's Alchemy
Synaptic Alchemy (SA) is designed to bring a simple but power framework to light and give you a simple but power way of looking at the world. SA is first and foremost a mindset.

It is a different mindset from the traditional ways of looking at innovation and ideation. By transforming the foundation of the old masters, the alchemists, you'll find a new way of thinking intentionally towards success.

What's Next
Now it is your turn. Write 3-5 ideas of new rules that fit with replacing your old rule Nigredo catalog. By actually doing the exercise you'll have a foundation for the 3rd and final step in Synaptic Alchemy: Rubedo – Standardize Something.
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