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I love books and ideas that are simultaneously timeless and topical. Synaptic Alchemy effectively applies the classic rites of passage and hero's journey to business and life. Understanding that everything can be distilled down to three stages - ending, creating, scaling - is like receiving a roadmap for wisdom. Highly recommend this book!

Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and MEA
as well as Strategic Advisor to Airbnb

I’m blown away by the hard-won lessons compiled into a clear roadmap. The precious knowledge in this book can save you years of toil. It’s easier to get there when you have a roadmap made by an entrepreneur who has already been there at every level.

Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof
NY Times author

Synaptic Alchemy goes to the most fundamental heart of what each of us wants: the skills to turn our ideas into reality. It teaches us the tools and gives us a roadmap to success. I recommend it emphatically. It’s a great read!

Rick Foster - Global Business Consultant
Co-author of “How We Choose to Be Happy.”

The unique insights you'll come to understand in Synaptic Alchemy will completely change the way you think about your business, your ideas and how you view the world.

Kari - Founder
Community Without Borders


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