The Alchemical Transformation


Many people believe that success is mostly luck. There are plenty of books that go into great detail about how much of success is luck and how much is skill. I'm not going to deny that luck, timing, being at the right place at the right time, having that perfect lightning strikes idea, all can help tremendously.

Hope Is Not A Strategy
But you and I both know, that just sitting around waiting for your lottery numbers to come up, or waiting to accidentally discover that big idea for your next product launch, or hoping that customers will be knocking down your door is a fool's errand.

Luck is chance, and chance is not a winning strategy. Just waiting for some chance event will drive you towards failed product launches, half-executed ideas, and just plain down-and-out.

Frameworks Override Hope Every Time
But there is something that counteracts pure instinct and luck. Frameworks. Frameworks are just ideas put in a simple to understand and use way. The Alchemical Transformation in Synaptic Alchemy is exactly that. A framework you can use to pave the road for your highest chance of success and not rely on pure intuition or luck.

The Alchemical Transformation
That's what you are going to explore in the next few emails. The foundation of the Alchemical Transformation (AT) framework. The AT framework IS the set of ideas that will give you an edge in Turning Ideas Into Gold.

So let's get started

The Alchemical Transformation

We're just going to go over the very basics here. The AT framework is 3 Simple Steps that are so easy to understand you'll get the basics in 10 mins, maybe over coffee in the morning. The ideas are simple, but don't mistake them, they are powerful and can take a while to really get under your fingers.

1.) Nigredo – Destroy Something
It may sound harsh, but it happens all the time. Think of it as an Old Rule that people still do but really is no longer worth doing. Once the car came out, using the horse and buggy to get to work didn't really make any sense. Or think about Amazon. Before Amazon the old rule was that you had to drive to a book store, rummage around the place, and hope you'd find the book you were looking for. That's the Old Rule. Books have to be sold in book stores.

2. Albedo – Create Something
Once you've figured out an old rule that can be broken, you have to replace it with a New Rule. A new way of doing things that satisfy our needs, but in a different way. It can be something very subtle and easy to do, like drinking tea in the morning instead of coffee. Or it can be a seismic shift in behavior like when Amazon decided that books could be bought over the internet. All the books in publication around the world.

3. Rubedo – Scale Something
You've dismantled the Old Rule and replaced it with the New Rule, now you just have to make it so drop dead simple that anyone can embrace the change. And you have to make it so easy to find that everyone can find it. That's Rubedo, an anyone/everyone point of view. Easy enough for anyone, available to everyone.

What's Next
That's it. 3 simple steps. 3 steps that all successful entrepreneurs have used to build massive divisions, companies, and wealth. 3 simple steps that people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Welch, and scores of others have used whether they consciously knew they were doing it or it was just natural.

Now it is your turn. It is your turn to take luck and turn it on its head. It is time to dig deep into these frameworks so you can ignite your own success, whether that is  being successful in your career or in your business.

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