Do you know a Synaptic Alchemist?

Maybe you're the Synaptic Alchemist?

I am looking for alchemists. All kinds. From business, to education, to politics, to scientists, to artists. From executives, to entrepreneurs, to writers, to artists.

Synaptic Alchemists change things, create things, and move things forward with their own personal way of Thinking Intentionally and Acting Decisively.

I'm curating a collection of alchemical stories, called “The Alchemists” as a companion to Synaptic Alchemy and I want you or someone you know, or someone you nominate to be part of it.

“The Alchemists” will be a collection composed of written stories for a companion book, podcast interviews and videos on YouTube.

If you'd like to nominate someone to explore their alchemy
Or if you'd like to nominate youself
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