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Top 5 Entrepreneur Lessons of
The Queen's Gambit

Discover the Alchemical secrets hidden inside the hit Netflix series


Download this FREE, quick and easy to read (maybe 10 min) guide that will show you the top 5 business and entrepreneur lessons embedded in the Netflix hit limited series The Queen's Gambit. This eBook will give you a glimpse into:

  • Five actionable business tips in the Queen's Gambit
  • The Queen's Gambit mindset for entrepreneurs
  • A glimpse into the Alchemical Transformation for success 

Although The Queen's Gambit is a work of fiction, there are core business and entrepreneurial concepts baked into the show. There are lessons that fit well into the alchemical transformation that all great ideas go through. That's why it is so important to have an understanding of these concepts. Even The Queen's Gambit itself applied the principles of Synaptic Alchemy to become Netflix's biggest limited scripted series ever.

Now it's your turn to start and learn the principles of Synaptic Alchemy with this FREE quick ebook so you can start to turn your ideas into gold.